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Our Policies

Returns & Refunds

While we don't allow returns or refunds once a Canvas JA artwork has been purchased, you can be comforted by the mockup of your artwork we send to you before committing to a payment.

Mockups of collages and artworks with text are provided after payment has been made and are also not eligible for returns or refunds once payment has been made.

Shipping & Delivery

All our artworks come with FREE islandwide delivery via Knutsford Express. Please pick up your artwork at your chosen location within three days.

Canvas Jamaica will not be responsible for storage fees charged by Knutsford Express due to late pickup.

Please note that same-day and next-day deliveries are subject to availability.

Sharing of Work Created

Canvas Jamaica may showcase the artworks we create for customers on our social media platforms.

If you prefer not to have your artwork shared, please let us know in advance.

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