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Canvas JA Pricing


We have two sets of prices for our two kinds of Canvas Prints:

Canvas JA Originals: Using special technology, we transform your photo into a graphically modified masterpiece, making your photo resemble various art styles such as realistic Oil Paintings, Pencil Sketches, Van Gogh paintings and more.

Photo Prints: These are prints of your photo directly to canvas with no style added, if you want a simpler feel in your space.

Sizes & Price Ranges

18 x 18.png
(18"x 18" to 18" x 40")
Canvas JA Original:
US$125 - US$440
Photo Print:
US$100 - US$350
24 x 24.png
(24" x 24" to 24" x 53")
Canvas JA Original:
US$178 - US$650
Photo Print:
US$143 - US$520
36 x 36.png
(36" x 36" to 36" x 80")
Canvas JA Original:
US$303 - US$1190
Photo Print:
US$244 - US$955
48 x 48.png
Extra Large
(48" x 48" to 48" x 96")
Canvas JA Original:
US$417 - US$1510
Photo Print:
US$355 - US$1285

The final price of your artwork is determined by 4 main factors ↓

of your photo

We use the dimensions of your photo to determine the final size of your artwork.

of your artwork

The price of the artwork increases as the size increases.

Canvas JA Original
vs Photo Print

Photo prints cost a little less than styled artworks (Canvas JA Originals). All styles are the same price.


Gallery Wraps cost a little less than framed artworks. All frames are the same price.

Want to know the exact price of your artwork?

Complete our Custom Artwork Form

& get a free quote within 24 hours.

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