On owning your very own Canvas JA Original Artwork

It is our mission at Canvas Jamaica to ensure that all our clients receive the best end-to-end experience possible. From our 24/7 online platform which allows you to view & purchase art from your workplace, bedroom & even bathroom, to free delivery islandwide to all our valued clients, Canvas JA is committed to making this art experience your greatest yet!

Now that you are an official owner of a one-of-a-kind Canvas JA Original artwork, we believe there are a few things you should know so that you may fully understand what you now have access to. Should you have any further queries don't hesitate to send us a message at We'd be happy to help. With that said, let's begin!

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Canvas JA Insurance


(No longer available after December 31, 2020)

Canvas Jamaica believes in preserving and safeguarding your precious artwork and it is for that reason we have created the Canvas JA Insurance (CJI) Plan.

Our CJI Plan is applicable to all artworks and ensures that your artwork can remain safe from three (3) incidents: theft, fire and natural disasters. Note: the CJI Plan does not cover damage due to improper mounting of artwork, nicks and scrapes as a result of moving the artwork, misplacement of artwork or any other loss or damage not resultant of disaster to property (business office, hotel or home) by way of theft, fire or natural disaster in which the artwork was stolen or damaged. In the event of any three (3) such occurrences, you will be required to submit proof of casualty by way of a police report and/or pictures depicting damage to the artwork and its surroundings. The Canvas JA team reserves the right to take whatever time necessary to validate the claims made by you, the art owner, in order that your artwork may be restored.


Once approved by the Canvas JA team as a valid claim, the CJI Plan will allow you to receive one (1) free replacement of the exact artwork over the life of said artwork or its corresponding renewals. Note: restoration of an artwork entails providing an exact replica of the stolen or damaged artwork: exact design, size, style and frame type (gallery wrapped or framed). Art owners will not be allowed to use the CJI Plan to receive new artworks of a different design, size, style or frame type. Furthermore, should you opt to access your Canvas JA Renewal Policy (CJRP) the CJI would be passed on to the renewed artwork. Should an artwork be damaged and a valid claim be made at any point during the life of an artwork or its corresponding renewals the CJI Plan will cease to exist for that artwork and any corresponding renewals thereafter, and you will receive your onetime free replacement.

Notwithstanding the conditions of the CJI Plan, the team at Canvas JA reserves the right to treat each case as unique and determine what they see to be as a best fit solution to solve the case.

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Canvas JA Renewal Policy

Keeping your space fresh and always representative of you is one of Canvas Jamaica's mandates and we've made it possible through our Canvas JA Renewal Policy (CJRP).


With the CJRP, you gain access to one (1) new artwork equal or lesser in value to the original artwork purchased. This new artwork will act as a replacement to the original artwork and the original artwork will be collected upon delivery of its replacement. Note: the replacement artwork can be any design, size, style or frame type (gallery wrapped or framed) so long as its value does not exceed that of the original artwork.


Through the CJRP you access this replacement artwork at half the price of the original. It must be noted that this renewal/replacement benefit can only be accessed when the renewal fee (50% of cost of original artwork) is paid within 30 days of your purchase.​ 

The CJRP lasts for a period of 12 months after the renewal fee has been paid and does not roll over into subsequent months. Should your CJRP expire and you fail to make use of your renewal policy by way of you not replacing your original artwork within the 12-month period, you will not be able to access a replacement artwork. You can however regain access to the CJRP by paying the renewal fee (50% of cost of original artwork) within 30 days of expire. The CJRP will again last for a period of 12 months after fee payment.

All artworks that have been replaced become the sole property of Canvas JA and may be used for whatever purposes the company sees fit thereafter. All other features and benefits including the Earn More Feature (EMF), previously belonging to the original artwork, will be transferred to the renewed artwork.

Should you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at

(No longer available after December 31, 2020)


Earn More Feature

(No longer available after December 31, 2020)

Everyone likes to earn more money. We get it! And at Canvas JA we've made earning more much simpler. Through our Earn More Feature you'll not only own a beautiful masterpiece, but an asset that is highly liquidatable.


Whenever you purchase a Canvas JA Original artwork the design is kept on our website and social media platforms to further attract interested buyers. Should someone be interested in your artwork we'll notify you and broker a sale on your behalf; you keep the profit! It's that simple.

Note: For you to access your EMF your artwork must be of Grade 'A' quality. Grade 'A' quality refers to conditions deemed suitable for reselling by the Canvas JA team. These conditions include but are not limited to:

  • A clean presentable artwork

  • Unbroken framing

  • Intact accessories for hanging

  • No scrapes

  • No nicks or obvious signs of wear and tear

The Earn More Feature is made possible due to our No Duplication Policy (NDP). Since we'll never duplicate an artwork, interested buyers will only be able to purchase an artwork from the original art owner.​

Should you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at

No Duplication Policy

We have a strict No Duplication Policy (NDP). Once an artwork is purchased, it is never reprinted & no longer available to the market unless the owner is willing to resell.

Canvas JA stands by our NDP which expressly forbids the duplication of any artwork that we have created. It is upon this policy that Canvas JA has come to exist.


Should there be any breach of this policy, Canvas JA will be forced to, but not limited to, terminate duplicated contracts, offer a full refund to owners of duplicated artworks, retrieve and destroy duplicates and take legal action.

Should you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at

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(No longer available after December 31, 2020)